Witness the rise of the blood moon during an unmissable total lunar eclipse event

On the night of May 15-16, the attention of millions will be drawn to the sky, where a mottled, coppery globe – the moon – will be completely immersed in the long, slender cone of shadow cast into space by our planet. If the weather is clear, skywatchers in most of the Americas, Europe and Africa will get a view of one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles: a total lunar eclipse.

Unlike a total solar eclipse, which often requires a long journey towards totality, lunar eclipses can usually be viewed from your own backyard. The passage of the full moon through the Earth’s shadow is also visible from all places in the hemisphere where the moon is above the horizon. The totality phase of the upcoming total lunar eclipse in May 2022 will be visible over much of North America, all of South America, central and western Europe, and much of Africa (at exception of the extreme east), which will give it a potential audience of 2.7 billion people!

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